Youth Program Outline

Mission Statement & Program Structure Description


The goal of the ISGH Youth is to foster and empower the youth by awakening their minds and inspiring their hearts, through diverse curricula and projects. An Islamic identity will be gained through discussion, introspection, and the modeling of youth mentors. Bonding and social activities will serve to create lasting relationships as well as a positive sentiment towards the masjid. The program also aims to engage our youth in being a part of the decision making in their community through their involvement.

Through an interactive, engaging, and supportive atmosphere, our youth will gain sense of ownership over Islamic work and tradition and therefore, guarantee that Islam in America will flourish and grow. The ultimate goal of this program is to build faith, fellowship, and create a fun atmosphere. More importantly, it is to build a generation of confident, assertive Muslims with the right set of priorities and sense of direction for a better life in this world and in the life here-after.

The program aims to reach these goals by implementing leadership roles that create an interactive environment that embraces the meaning and value of our Islam. Mentors in this program hold leadership roles that rely on them delivering a message about Islam, developing relationships with their mentees, and creating memorable moments together that generate positive involvement in their community. The program administers time for a discussion between mentors and mentees regarding a planned topic followed up by a relative activity. It also dictates time for fun games as well as a shared meal. Furthermore, the ISGH program includes outings and tentative retreats for the purpose of spending time bonding while enjoying quality fun while living through our Islam in America!

Girls and Boys 4th to 12th Grade

6:00PM to 9:00 PM

Program management and financing

No Membership Fee

All Outing fees and expenses are at parents’ charge, fundraised through Community programs or covered through financial assistance.

Program Structure

From To Activity
6:00 PM 6:30 PM Arrival Time, Athkar and Icebreakers in Groups
6:30 PM 7:15 PM Girls /activities Planned Boys will break into groups for discussion time
7:15 PM 8:15 PM Girls and Boys Rotate
8:15 PM 9:00 PM Dinner, Cleanup, Dismissal


Week 1 (3/5)

Six Articles of Faith

Week 2 (3/12)
Week 3 (3/19)
Etiquette in speaking, eating, and clothing
Week 4 (3/26)
Week 5 (4/02)
Quranic Verses



Week 7 (4/16)
Week 9 (04/30)

Peer Pressure

Week 10 (5/07)
Week 11 (5/14)
Week 12 (05/21)
Week 14 (06/04)

Mentor List

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